Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or…

Carbs….eat them? Don’t eat them? When do you eat them? Which ones are good? Which ones are bad?

Hello everyone! In this week’s mailbag I talk about one on one training in the Kondi Studio, the best videos maintaining your body while on vacation, and skipping as a cardio alternative to running. Read on!

Well nothing says summer time to me like mangos! But mangos aren’t just delicious, they are also very good for you. In fact, because of their antioxidants and cancer fighting properties mangos are considered a superfood along side acai and blueberries. So try this this summer inspired shake soon while the sun is here!

Hey guys! TRX in the Kondi Studio, starting your day with a shake or smoothie, and fitness for expecting mothers! Its all in this week’s mailbag. Read on!

Hey guys! In this week’s mailbag I walk through the cancelation and re-activation processes on and re-activating class packages and juices in the Kondi Studio. Read on!

I rarely do this but I wanted to post a treat for everyone today! This black bean based recipe is a healthy twist on brownies. Top with some fresh fruit and ENJOY!

Hey everyone! Checkout this week’s mailbag where I discuss personalizing H.I.I.T. class in the Kondi Studio, programs on, and how I organize my day to make sure I check off everything I need to!

Checkout this great recipe from my friends at Vega! These refreshing pops are a great way to recover and refuel after a summer workout. Try them while the weather is hot! Enjoy!

Hey guys! The sun is shining and everybody is talking about summer! This week I give some summer fitness tips, tell you how to workout in the sun with, and show off the new Kondi Gear in the Kondi Studio!

Hey guys! The mailbag is back and this week I give my thoughts on caffeine, discuss my recent filming session, and corporate packages in the Kondi Studio! Read on!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s day weekend. This week I address social drinking and how it can affect our fitness, intro someone to my online video website, and introduce our first male trainer, Scott! Read on!