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About Me

My name is Lacey Kondi and I am the founder and creator of The Kondi Method and Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my fitness journey.

I was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada but was raised in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. As a child growing up in Victoria I was very energetic and was involved in all kinds of sports and activities. In my teens I began to lose my love of competitive team sports and as looking for a more individualized and personal outlet. It was at that time that I purchased a membership at the local recreational centre and began taking classes for aerobics, step, boxercise, circuit and weight training. I was hooked! Over the next 6 months I gained such a passion for fitness that at the age of only 16 I became a BCRPA personal trainer and began working as a co-instructor for various fitness classes at the YMCA in Victoria.

Following graduation I wanted to see some of the world and travelled to Australia and around Europe. Upon my arrival back home to Canada I moved to Vancouver, BC. The following year I was certified in mat pilates and was eager to begin teaching classes. However, I could not find a studio in Vancouver that felt right for me. I wanted something of my own, something different and more progressive than everyone else. That Christmas I was back at my parents house in Victoria talking to my mom when she suggested an exercise that she used to do in the 80’s. She went into the basement and came back with a black and white paperback book. “Callanetics: 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours”. I started right there in the kitchen and with in 5 minutes, I knew I had found my new passion.

Callanetics became my life. I was in awe as my body literally ‘shrank’. My legs, behind, and waist slimmed and tightened. My core strength, flexibility, and posture all greatly improved. I had never felt better. Friends and family all noticed my new transformation and wanted to know what I was doing to achieve such unbelievable results. I had always been fit but this was something different. I knew that I wanted to bring this exercise back to the world and eight months after that day in the kitchen I became a certified Callanetics instructor.

I began slow and small teaching friends one on one in my condo to perfect my craft and teaching technique. It was also at this time that I began to introduce some of the other exercises that I had learned in pilates and strength training and the Kondi Callanetics method was born. It wasn’t long before the demand for my classes had grown so much that I had to rent a small studio space to hold them in. My client list continued to grow and grow strictly through word of mouth and I had no choice but to upgrade my space again to a bigger and better location.

Teaching was and is still something that I love to do. Helping and watching my clients’ change their lives is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. But I wanted this exercise to reach further, beyond just my personal clients in Vancouver. I wanted to make it available to everyone in the world. It was at that time that my business partners and I came up with the idea for An online, fitness video, website that would make this unbelievable exercise available to anyone and everyone. And now after all the hard work I am happy to offer it to you!

As for me, I still live in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia with my little puggles Marlon and Willow. I would like to thank my family, friends, clients, and anyone else who has supported me through out this journey. I look forward to getting and keeping fit with all of you for many years to come.

-Lacey Kondi

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